With Ringana to Network Marketing Success

Ringana products are only available via Ringana direct vendors. They are too delicate and fresh for a normal shop. And, just a thought – why are you supposed to put a cream on your delicate face skin that is engineered to stay 30 months on shelf, just to allow the producer to go with higher production batches???

How do the products come to the customers? With motivated direct vendors via direct sales.

This might be your life opportunity for a FRESH start:

? You want to have time for your family and / or leisure time
? You are open, appreciative and love contact with people.
? You consider your current job as a means to an end, but are wondering, whether you could build up something flexibly on your own that is more meaningful – getting you perhaps into financial freedom later on?
? You place emphasis on sustainability, quality, naturalness and freshness
? You want to shape you own future and like flat hierarchies and shared visions?
? nevertheless, if all this was possible rather risk free and at limited initial investment you would not mind?

What are you waiting for, join my team!

Ringana grows annually by more than 40 percent! Ringana has received numerous awards for its freshness and sustainable production.
Your advantages:

  • Safe income : Sustainability is in full swing, the established family company Ringana is growing steadily.
  • Financial independence : They sell unique consumption products that are too fresh for the trade. This means that your customers need it, since Ringana is only available to you. And since there is customer protection, a once-won customer remains with you – and at a re-purchase rate of up to 70%.
  • No logistics : Ringana accepts shipping and billing for you.
  • Training and a strong team at the side : The Ringana experts and I as a mentor are at your side
  • No risk . The business has nothing to do with push-pulling! You sell because you are convinced of the products. You do not have a sales force.

Apply today!