How RINGANA has changed my life

Hi, I’m Katja Hainz. I have been living consciously since the birth of my children and I am passionate about the long-term. I respect human beings, animals and the environment, but I am by no means dogmatic.

Looking for

Everyone knows these key moments, which suddenly turn the whole life upside down. For a long time I had to wait for this moment. When I am honest with myself, I have been destitute and aimless for many years. And that, though I am an energian and a wise creature. I did not know where to go with my talents and dreams. Was trapped in the as-is-I-the-merely-make-loop. As a working and free-loving mother of two little boys, I was also constantly looking for a good work-life balance.

I wanted a lot of life, but did not come into action. This disorientation also had an effect on my marriage with the love of my life.

After over 17 years (!), Our very stable relationship reached its low. I felt my life crumbled. That shook me. I had to and wanted to change something.

So I went on a very intensive journey to myself. She led me into a silent seminar by Veit Lindau – me whose voice never stopped.

The big moment has come

Through the seminar I became aware of many things. I suddenly saw doors where there were only walls before I ran. When I opened such a door, I spontaneously created a Ringana FreshDate

I felt attracted by the ethics and sustainability of this award-winning family business. Was immediately impressed by the freshness and real uniqueness of the products. And I knew at once: Here I will bring myself. Here I will exploit my full potential. I want to express this philosophy into the world. And without these products I can probably never live any more.

I will become a Ringana Partner

I was very euphoric to attend all three seminars for new partners and networkers. Tested me with pleasure through all products, to explore the range of Ringana. As a networker, I took full advantage of the company and soon reaped the fruits for my efforts. Through the very generous founder bonus in the first three months, I quickly recorded four-digit income. I was able to win more and more new customers and business partners for Ringana.

The mission of

I am a very motivated networker and closely linked to Ringana. As a long-term teamplayer and with a lot of experience in human leadership, I would like to help you become a part of our fresh-revolution. I am humorous, profound, and success-oriented, keeping an eye on the people I am dealing with. I would like to share my experiences with you.
Networkmarketers are printer columns? Not at all. Ringana has been multiple award-winning and enjoys a very good reputation in the industry and among its customers. Convince yourself .

Why now? Ringana is booming and growing by more than 40 percent annually. You can also benefit from this. Contact me! I look forward to seeing you.

Yes, I want to learn more about Ringana.

Your Katja Hainz

Katja Heinz, Ringana Partnerin

Katja Hainz, Ringana Partnerin