Freshen your care(er) with high-tech natural cosmetics and supplements – 100% fresh and effective

Welcome to frische-revolution

For dynamic (soon-to-be) entrepreneurs who want to start their own business – ethically, flexibly and risk-free, with sustainable products. You won’t need to do it all on your own – I will support you if you are committed – 100% guaranteed. With a ready-made marketing concept and with proven coaching. I am Katja Hainz and I am an independent vendor at Ringana leading the team frische-revolution – a company within Ringana: name is mission, we want to revolutionize the way we take care of your body, career and potentially most importantly the planet of our kids.

The award-winning Austrian family business produces are the only ones Europe wise producing FRESH skin care products and supplements – meaning 100% fresh and without any chemical ingredients! This makes the decisive difference in effect – just think of the difference between biting into a fresh apple and one that has been forgotten for months in the basement …

I not only use the products of Ringana passionately and feel and look fantastic in my skin. I am successfully expanding my team of vendors European wide and I am energized to offer this great opportunity of personal and financial freedom to you as well.

That is why I launched the fresh revolution.

Get on! Your work-life balance will thank you.

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